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high tide (sva thesis film)

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Exactly one year ago today, I turned in my very first version of the storyboards for what would become High Tide. I’d started doodling merboys in school uniforms months before (which I’ll scan when I find my scanner’s power cord!) and thought “Hmm, maybe I could use this for my thesis if I don’t think of anything better.”

I didn’t think of anything better! After a few weeks of frantically scribbling ideas and coming up blank, I simply put down what I had, tried not to think about another human being ever looking at it, and turned it in for the first deadline.

I can share these now that I know they eventually grew into something I’m so proud of, though what with the heavy-handed exposition, painful dialogue, and “oh hmm I guess this should end now” ending, they are still pretty embarrassing!!! But I’m also still fond of a lot of the little bits that got thrown out. Poor Charles….

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